essential virgin coconut oil 100% natural 250ml/Bottle

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  • Item Type: Essential Oil
  • Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil
  • Brand Name: tropica
  • Ingredient: virgin coconut oil
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 100% natural coconut oil, coming from premium sunshine coconut of Southern Thailand , ideal pure natural skin care product. 

 Experience the feeling of using it to massage the body.
Replaces cleansing oil, at night it helps to protect and nourish the skin,
    try it to Moisten your dry lips. 
 Try it for hair care to prevent dry split ends.
Excellent skin moisturising and it is particularly effective for baby rash.

 Use for cooking and healthy salad dressing.23

Below 25 degrees Celsius, it is a solid shape.

Half melted ,like Cotton wool debris
above 25 degrees Celsius, all is the oil

Coconut oil coagulation with hot water will immediately melt


1. Coconut oil 65% is a medium chain fatty acids, which is better than other
    edible oil.
2. Coconut oil is a high degree of saturation Edible oil, is Stable at high
    temperature, in the process of cooking, will not be oxidized and won’t
    Produce free radicals, so is the most suitable as Edible oil.
3. Medium Chain fatty acids do not enter the blood vessels and heart, directly
    into the human liver, transformed into energy, so won’t accumulation of fat,
    as slimming products to lose weight and burn fat, it will not lead to the     

    occurrence of cardiovascular disease.



Q: How do you use this coconut oil?
Answer: hi dear, Coconut oil is magical use, you can use for hair and skin care, 
can also be used for cooking and salad cake bread and so on!
Q: Coconut oil as hair care how to use?
Answer: hi dear, When a lot of brown hair fork, dry itchy scalp,damaged hair treatment,keratin treatment, the natural coconut oil to massage the scalp, 
these problems can be very good to solve it!
This is because coconut oil is rich in high quality medium chain fatty acids.
Q: Using coconut oil skin care how to operate?
Answer: hi dear, We recommend that after bathing,using coconut oil Coating the dry skin, thin layer, a little massage, it will soon be absorbed, and ultra moist, the skin will become very smooth.
Q: Is this coconut oil suitable for the elderly and children?

Answer: hi dear, This is a natural cold pressed virgin super quality coconut oil, 100% pure natural, no additives, containing similar to breast milk nutrients lauric acid, is very suitable for the elderly and children



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