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  • Item Type: Essential Oil
  • Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil
  • Ingredient: Coconut Oil
  • Model Number: 100ML-1000ML
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Name: Coconut oil     Specifications: 100ml -1000ML

Grade: Food Grade       Origin: Indonesia
Saponification value: 0.19     INS Value: 258
Efficacy: Coconut oil is one of the oil produced soap indispensables. Rich in saturated fatty acids,
It can create a clean and strong rich foam or texture of white hard soap.
Ideal for hard water area use. Treats dry skin to make it feel clean and fresh.
At lower temperatures, it will become firm and solid.
Just for a week
Delicate translucent skin effects !! 100%!
1. Cleansing
Coconut oil has a strong cleansing effect, to clean the skin of dirt, fresh and pure natural organic coconut oil, will not hurt the skin, and will protect the skin from UV damage.
2 Skin
Fresh organic coconut oil is a pure plant extract which is excellent for skin care, it contains a unique tropical plant life tension which can pull tightness between cells, strengthening the ability to shrink pores, helps to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells restoring damaged skin.  The skin’s dermal epidermal junction becomes more healthy and smooth, generating new skin cells, improving dry and allergic skin, eliminating wrinkles, acne and dandruff. Protects skin from aging due to chloasma and other skin blemishes  Soothes cracked lips, frostbite, diaper rash and gingivitis, to be the most perfect skin nourishing SPA. It is suitable for all skin types.
3 soothing
Will protect, the skin’s natural layer of unique chain fatty acids in the most vulnerable areas. Pure fresh coconut oil will form antibacterial sterilization function of medium chain fatty acids. Thus, in the shower, apply to face or body and massage 1-2 minutes, then leave ten minutes to penetrate the skin. 
4 Sun
Vitamin D is also commonly known as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D intake and the best way is to soak up the sun. Pure fresh coconut oil can prevent skin and subcutaneous tissue damage due to excessive radiation, but also to strengthen the skin and make it more flexible. Pure fresh coconut oil is the best quality natural sunscreen.
5 Massage
Massaging with coconut oil will benefit thick, scaly, dry, or damaged skin caused by fungi or other infections. It will also remove dead skin cells, and improve the skins condition. Because it is easily absorbed, it will not leave a greasy layer. Pure fresh cold-pressed coconut oil is one hundred percent naturally organic without any chemical composition, safe and effective.
6 Hair Care
Pure fresh coconut oil is the only oil to reduce hair protein loss, it can give you healthy glowing natural hair and also prevents dandruff and premature baldness. Provides lasting scalp protection.
Massage the scalp and hair daily with coconut oil before going to bed, Wash with a weak acid shampoo the next morning. This will make your hair look soft smooth and beautiful, also providing effective dandruff control. 
7 Trauma
Pure fresh coconut oil has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effects on general wounds, burns, insect bites and other skin diseases Application of coconut oil helps any inflammation and healing, especially for diaper rash, dry moss, psoriasis and other skin problems caused by fungi.
8 protect teeth
Use as mouthwash in order to achieve sterilization. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which acts as a natural antibiotic. After brushing teeth, rinse with coconut oil containing 10-15CC Helps to protect gums and give a healthy teeth whitening effect.





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